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Belsõ and Co. Ltd. welcomes you!
The Belsõ & Co. Ltd. has been a reliable supplier of leather, shoes, clothing and other industries for more than 15 years. Providing high-quality products, a very wide product line, continous technology improvement and a flexible business attitude we have managed to get recognition from the most important Hungarian producers and numerous European ones from Austria to Russia, from Finland to Slovenia as well.
As well as we produce by the technology casting of zamac, there is the possibility for our partners to make their products casted at our company. Outside our collection we undertake the casting of zamac of any shoes and clothes accessories made of zamac. This service is available by two method: The first method: we start the casting of zamac by the masterpiece was given – it means if our experts consider it castable, the casting of zamac can be started immediately after tooling it. The second method: we can design and produce the masterpiece on the basis of the partner’s expectations. We implement your idea from the preparing of the masterpiece to the producing of the series. In case of the order of exclusive products made by the technology casting of zamac, we guarantees that these items can not been used by other partner.
We offer custom-designed, exclusive cast accessories with Swarovski strass from 2008. These products are always on stock, so you can buy immediately even in small quantites.