About us

Interior and Partners Ltd. has been a trusted service provider to the leather, footwear, apparel and many other industries for decades. With our high quality products, wide range of products, continuous technological development and flexible service, we have won the recognition not only of the most important companies in Hungary, but also of many European and Russian companies.

Our philosophy is that you can purchase your supplies quickly and in one place. Our experts ensure that you have a constantly renewing range of products, as we travel to foreign exhibitions to get first-hand information about the latest trends, whose style features are immediately included in our range! Our products are made to a high quality and we make them unique in a variety of shapes, made possible by our original Swarovski stones and several types of resin and dyed colours.

Our special service is that we also undertake the realization of your ideas, whether it is a product with your logo, a new buckle shape, ornament, button, advertising item, souvenir or sports medal! The only limit is your imagination! You need an idea, we need a drawing! Between the two and our fast and precise production technology, you can have your idea in the desired quantity in a few weeks!

We offer a choice of more than 30 finishes, including many nickel-free colours!

Our production is ISO 9001:2008 compliant, which also guarantees punctual and fast service and high quality!